History of Design classes

From smartphones to signposts, clothes to food, design plays an essential role in our lives. Travel through 150 years of design history to see how it all began and where it is going. Identify movements and styles in a friendly environment.
Come and learn:
  1. How to define good and bad design
  2. How design influences your day from clothes, to street directions, to food, to your home
  3. How design evolved from craftsmen to William Morris to Art Deco to Bauhaus to Memphis and Pop Design and more beside
  4. How to recognize design items and their historical role
  5. Where the different movements, styles, schools fit in
  6. Where and how to invest in design
Agenda, place and cost:

Three six week periods of two hours a week. Introductory price CHF 280 per series.  Classes à la carte CHF50. Held in a fashion design setting in Geneva.

Teaching methodology:
  • Powerpoint presentations, videos and films
  • Exhibition visits such as design exhibition at Pavillon Sicli (respecting sanitary measures)
  • Analysis of important pieces
  • Reminder of last session and question and answer at beginning of each session
  • Optional evaluation at end of 6-week session
  • Convivial atmosphere with small classes respecting social distancing.
Contents (non exhaustive):
  1. Introduction to the world of design
  2. The age of the craftsman and individual fabrication
  3. The industrial revolution, William Morris and the arts and crafts movement
  4. Victoriana, great exhibitions and inventions
  5. Mass production, Bauhaus, Art Deco, streamlining
  6. Futurism and Surrealism
  7. WWII destruction by design
  8. Post war 50s and 60s and pop art, space art and reign of plastic
  9. Memphis, Italy and the 80s
  10. Organic Design and Scandinavian Modern
  11. Minimalism and Postmodernism
  12. Deconstructivism

Lesley Lawson Botez MSc, PGCert, MSSWJ, professor of design and business management BA and Luxury and Fashion MA at EU Business School. Studied History of Art with Agnes Jorre de St Jorre, winner of Geneva’s Prix de Mérite. Founder of By Design, award winning non fiction writer. Articles on design and luxury https://onresearch.ch/