Holding out for a Hero by Lesley Lawson Botez

"This book is nothing less than an indispensable flight manual for all singletons searching for meaningful relationships in their fast and ever shifting daily lives."

— L. Panicker Graber in The Style Stories

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My programmes to enhance your writing:

Academic English Writing

One to one training and classes for university and business school students.

From Brainwave to Brochure

For small groups or companies to identify target audience, develop a concept and understand the production process.

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The Writing Process

Analysis, discovering ideas, focusing on the thesis, revising. One to one training and small groups.

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Building relationships

I will be talking to the Webster University psychology and society group about building relationships on 28 November at 13:00. Using research from my book, I’ll be talking about meeting new people and building solid relationships in a new environment.

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About me:

"Writing is my Passion. Psychology is my Motivation"

From copywriter at Saatchi to my own marketing communications agency, LB Communications, I have vast experience in below the line writing. Psychology is a key component to writing from the heart. I am a trained cognitive behavioural psychologist and coach.

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